Ungifted is a climate-friendly, socially-distanced Secret Santa for colleagues who want to gift unforgettable surprises instead of unwanted stuff.

What is Ungifted?

Instead of forgettable mugs and socks, you can give delightful spotify playlists, VC coffee counsel sessions (and more) complete with a shared-screen gift reveal. Plus, you’ll be a hero for saving the planet and this year’s office party, for free. Sign your team up!

How it works

  1. Sign up your team or group of friends, and our secret sorter will do its matching-up magic.

  2. Choose from one of our zero-waste creative gift ideas (or create your own) and write your Ungift message.

  3. Set the date for your Ungift reveal, invite your team to a VC of your choosing and when the time comes, unmute your mic to let the fun begin…

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